Tenways Celebrates Valentine’s Day With Exclusive Offers

Dear subscribers, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I have some good news to share with you! Tenways is celebrating the occasion with great deals, and the star of the show is the Tenways CGO600.

The CGO600 is everything you could ask for in an e-bike: simple, lightweight, and incredibly fun. Its intuitive design allows riders of all skill levels to navigate with ease, while providing an exciting and smooth cycling experience. Our signature style is focused on quality – nimble, sporty and sharp.

Hidden battery

One of the standout features of the CGO600 is its hidden battery, elegantly concealed in the down tube. This not only gives the bike a sleek and clean look, but also provides a powerful 252 Wh of power. And speaking of design, the frame is made from lightweight aerospace aluminum, making it easy to lift with one hand.

Subtle style

One of the best things about the CGO600 is that it looks like a regular bike from a distance, with its subtle styling. But make no mistake, it packs an electric punch! For added safety, it is equipped with pedestrian-friendly front lighting, ensuring safe driving even at night.

Rear hub motor

The CGO600 features a rear hub motor that delivers smooth, stealthy performance, running quietly even at maximum power. And thanks to its precise torque sensor, you’ll get instant and natural pedal assist with every stroke.

Aluminum mudguards

Are you worried about rainy weather? Don’t be. The CGO600 comes with aluminum fenders, providing extra support in wet conditions. It’s a must-have accessory to protect you on rainy days.

Hydraulic disc brakes

When it comes to stopping power, the CGO600 is equipped with reliable hydraulic disc brakes, providing strong stopping power with reduced wear. And let’s not forget Gates’ durable carbon belt drive, which ensures a smooth, maintenance-free ride for thousands of miles.

But that’s not all

The CGO600 isn’t just an e-bike, it’s smart riding. Log in to the TENWAYS app to track your journeys in real-time and track your stats. In addition, you can communicate directly with our team through the built-in help center.

Ultralight Commuter Electric Bike

The CGO600 is an ultralight commuter e-bike that’s suitable for any lifestyle. At only 15kg, it is easy to carry and carry. With a range of up to 100 km, you can enjoy long journeys without worrying about running out of power. And with its sporty geometry, it offers a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

To make your CGO600 even better

We offer you a free AXA rear rack with integrated lighting when you buy it now. This will improve your comfort and safety on your rides.

Available colors

The CGO600 is available in a variety of colors to suit your style – from vibrant lime green to light gray, sky blue and midnight black. And for a limited time, you can buy it for the special price of €1,399, compared to the usual €1,599.

Don’t miss out on this amazing offer and enhance your cycling experience with the Tenways CGO600. Follow the link below to learn more and make your purchase:

Order it now by clicking on this link: 👉 Tenways CGO600

Start the year off on the right foot and ride smarter. Ride connected. Ride on Tenways.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. By clicking on these links I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my content and allowing me to bring you the best recommendations.

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